PT. Indosoft Dwifa Piranti

INDO400 Software Solutions has developed a number of products and MIS applications for its clients in this service. Our mature software development processes, combined with excellent infrastructure have significantly increased the “on-time and on-budget”  delivery of software in the business solutions. We use a highly effective IMPACT methodology for SDLC and distributed software development. Our services begin from analysis, moving through designing, development, testing and implementation to maintenance. Our applications come in all sizes, be it a one-table database, or a massive client-server application. The creation of complete database applications is yet another field that we specialize in.


Our team is committed to provide IT Products :

Software Solution Development

Software Project Development

Software Regulatory Reporting


Products  Supported Platforms

Application Servers        :  Linux,  IBM WebSphere, IBM AS400

Operating Systems          :  SUN Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows, AIX, OS/400

Databases                           :   Oracle, IBM B2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL

WebServers                       :  Oracle,  Microsoft IIS,Sun  Java Web Server

Programming                    :  Java Platform,  RPG/400, RPG/ILE/400, COBOL/400,

C/400, C/C++, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET

Server                                    :  IBM AS/400, RISK 6000, Oracle SUN Server

Storage                                 :  Network Appliance (NetApp) EMC


The application technology :

Front-End, Client Server, Back End, Socket Programming, ISO 8583 Format, XML Format, Host to Host System, Web Based, PC Desk Top.